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The Cove Radio 

The Cove Radio is a multi-genre internet radio station designed to allow for the “injection” of all genres of music for it’s listeners while still giving the steering wheel to each listener to have a say in the content played.

One of the interesting features of The Cove Radio is that its target audience is non exclusive. The point of music is to move, motivate and “speak” to anyone of any age. For this reason The Cove Radio has no intention of allowing any specific race, creed, sexuality or age to be or feel excluded from the intended target audience.




Online music

We stream music for your enjoyment, whether you are at home on your computer or in the car tuned in on your mobile phone.  We have the mobility that you want, without the nasty fees or bombardment of commercials you don’t want.

Support For musicians 

Not every musician has all of the support and representation they need to make it.  We specifically enjoy featuring new artists as they try to make a name for themselves.

user initiated advertising

In this day and age, good advertising is a huge key to success.  Many places allow advertising for personal gain only.  Here we offer specialized space devoted to getting you noticed by user interest.


Catia jones
Listener of the cove radio since 2013

“Its over! Now its gone world wide hehe …. Great job!.”

Seth robertson
supporter of the cove radio since 2012

“This is going to be great!…..
The Cove Radio is great to listen to while doing my household chores, it just makes the time fly by.”

Bruce Dudman
The Cove Radio Listener since 2014

“I am proud of you Chris…What an amazing station you have started.”

Kellie lynne

“Thank you so much to  The Cove Radio  for having me as a featured artist this month!! Check it out!  #KellieLynne  #DirtCheap.”