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Featured Artists

Kellie Lynne

Kellie Lynne’s Facebook

“Kellie Lynne came to see me a time ago and I was immediately captured by her voice. Now, after listening to her single “Dirt Cheap” I’m even more pleased with her voice. She’s a true story teller and sounds like she really believes her lyrics. Her high notes seem to soar like they are not high notes. Her ease, tone, clarity, control and believability are foundations for a strong career.”
Brett Manning

Kellie Lynne’s journey is a tribute to being genuine, to talent, and to pure grit. From performing for her stuffed animals in her room in Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania, Kellie Lynne wrote, performed, and sung her way to Nashville in 2010. She is an unsigned singer/songwriter who is diligently working her way towards success.

While growing up, Kellie fell asleep many evenings to the sound of her father strumming a country song on the back porch. Kellie fell in love with the music and soon formed her own band and toured throughout 6 states for 8 years. While touring with her band, Kellie opened for the “Queen of Country”, Loretta Lynn, twice and other known country singers like John Michael Montgomery, Mark Wills, Chris Cagle, Trent Tomlinson, Aaron Tippin, and Emerson Drive just to name a few. Kellie Lynne’s singles, “Bad” and “I’m There” became the #1 fan voted songs in 2010 for XM/Sirius Satellite Radio station Nashville 11. Kellie was heard competing in a radio contest and was given a performance spot on a live taping at the historic Apollo Theatre in New York City where she became the first female country singer to ever receive a standing ovation.

For a while, Kellie lived on a farm in Ohio. That way of life gave her a true sense of appreciation for the lyrics of country music and a realization that a song can be an anthem for life, a tattoo of emotion that stays with you forever. She made it her mission that every person in her audience would feel the lyrics while she performed. Michael Kenny owner of Nashville Universe said in an interview about Kellie, “I tell people that she is a talented, beautiful performer that everyone needs to get out to see,” he says. “Her live show is great as she connects with the audience, and she has a sweetness about her that welcomes everyone. Music Row has taken notice of Kellie, and it’s exciting to see her star begin to rise.” In January 2013, Nashville Universe named Kellie Lynne, Nashville Universe Female Vocalist of the Year and she was also nominated for Entertainer of the Year.

Marc Eric, CEO of Empirical Music publishing company and producer of Kellie Lynne’s new single, “Dirt Cheap” says Kellie Lynne has the “It” factor. “I have had many artists come through my studio. You just don’t see that often, she has superstar blood.” Eric also sees her as a genuine person. “Her voice resonates from her heart. I think people can hear when someone is being real.” “Dirt Cheap” was written by Nashville songwriters Hillary Lindsey (“Jesus Take the Wheel”, “A Little Bit Stronger”, “American Honey”), Dallas Davidson (“Put a Girl In It”, “I Don’t Want this Night to End”) and country superstar Luke Bryan.

The music video for “Dirt Cheap” was directed by Michael Monaco, who filmed Luke Bryan’s video “Drunk on You.” “From the first time I heard Kellie, I knew that she would one day be a future voice we hear in Nashville,” Monaco says. “It was an honor to direct her first video.”

The video is airing on the nationwide TV network TCN (The Country Network) and she was recently asked by TCN to host one of the segments for the TV show “Breaking Out.” The video will kick off a brand new Atlanta based online TV show at to kick off their season. Yallwire and W.O.A. TV have also picked up Kellie’s “Dirt Cheap” video. The song is being played on iHeartRadio stations New Country and The Nashville Chanel, and plenty of Indie stations as far away as Ireland and The Netherlands. Between Kellie’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, she has established over 30,000 fans who are ready to see and hear more of Kellie Lynne.

Eric Daugherty

Eric Daugherty’s Facebook

“The newest young artist was promoted by Walled City Records is Eric Daugherty, a 22yr-old ‘electro-pop’ artist from the US who flew out to Ireland to record at the Audio Booth studio with Oran. Walled City Records featured him on their YouTube channel, an early introduction to Eric’s music ahead of his released EP. While these live session videos were generally acoustic, Eric’s studio sound is most likely quite different. Knowing the range of music that is occasionally referred to as ‘electro-pop’ in Fort Collins, it is anyone’s guess what Eric Daugherty’s future work will sound like, but here (below) at least is an introduction to this young man’s acoustic side.”

Jamie Barringer, Ravenmount Entertainment Blogspot

Singer/song writer Eric Daugherty, 22, grew up in the middle of the United States in the military town of Leavenworth, Kansas. Much like every hungry artist out there, Eric comes from humble means. He writes and performs his own original music. He continues to work hard to keep his music a priority while holding down a full time job with a local supermarket. Eric grew up knowing that life wasn’t always easy and didn’t expect too much.

Eric’s strength comes from being a self-taught musician. Music does run in his family. His dad is a very skilled guitarist and his mom was a singer for a period of time when Eric was very young. Eric first performed as a dynamic metal core guitarist and singer during his teens. As Eric matured, his genre of music changed and continues to develop. Eric was determined to stick with his music despite the challenges of an audience that didn’t always appreciate his musical direction and choices. Eric has played numerous local gigs but took a brief hiatus in 2012 to determine what direction he wanted to go with his music career.

In January, 2013, Eric was presented an opportunity to take his career to the next level. He traveled to Derry City, N. Ireland (U.K.) to produce his first professional EP with Oran O’Carroll, producer and co-owner of Audio Booth Studios and Walled City Records. Eric and O’Carroll hammered out 4 re-mixed, re-written and re-mastered songs that Eric had written previously, in a ten day stretch in the studio. Walled City Records co-owner and founder Damian McGinty (of Glee, the Glee Project and Celtic Thunder) along with O’Carroll, were ready to sign Eric to the label on the spot. In fact,

McGinty took time out from his busy schedule to meet with Eric about his music and the potential this opportunity held.

Eric was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Q102 and Q105 FM radio in Derry City, with thanks to Oran O’Carroll, and his song “17 Forever” gained favorable reviews with the local Irish listening audience. With his signing to Walled City Records, Eric believed his career would grow and deliver his music to an audience that truly appreciates his style and genre as well as the acoustically variant songs he writes. Eric has already started to work on a full album. He is also planning to tour and hopes that he’ll develop a worldwide fan base in the years to come.



Ill-iteracy’s Facebook

Each born in Roanoke “Star City”,VA. iLL-iteracy’s members developed affinities for music early in their lives. Whether it was jam sessions in the basement or rocking the crowd at their high school football games, their talent and love for all things instrumental was obvious. The group was officially formed circa 1998, but have known each other since about the age of six. Beginning with tee-ball, the members had a close friendship with each other that only seemed to grow stronger as time went by. This is a fact that many people find intriguing, as not too many people tend to have one best friend for so long, let alone an entourage of them.

The group was formed in the Dudley Basement, which was only a half mile away from William Fleming High School where they all attended. Honors classes, magnet programs, and an enthusiastic approach to learning undoubtedly had an effect on their appreciation for the art of music. After school, each of the members would gather around a computer, a base-model plastic computer microphone, and a technologically inferior recording program just for kicks. There was no mission in mind; no money-making scheme… There was just music.

The members of iLL-iteracy are Scott Dudley – “Chris Prythm”, Kirk Dudley – “Speek Eazy”, Corey English – “WiLL Spitwell”, and George Trent – “Young Observe”. Now operating under the witty moniker “iLL-iteracy,” they site influences such as God, each other, Roanoke City, prayerful mothers, scornful fathers, the loss of loved ones, and all the typical conditions that define an inner-city. Their sound is inspirational but far from ignorantly blissful and their musical arsenal ranges from upbeat anthems to thought provoking, more conscious selections.

‘iLL-it’ shows no indication of slowing down nor do they appear to be fatigued in spite of working day-jobs, earning college degrees, and managing families. The phrase “due time” undoubtedly comes to mind when you factor in that the team writes, records and mixes all their own music. The group’s determination shines through more recent ventures including “iLL-it Beatz,” an integral section of the official website ( that was created from beginning to end by Speek Eazy and Chris Prythm. “iLL-it Beatz” showcases and makes available quality, custom-fitted tracks for other artists to use in further sharpening of their respective crafts. In an industry where ‘one-hit-wonders’ are prevalent, the individuals that make up iLL-iteracy are bound and determined to be anything but. They continue to develop their skills on both the artist/producer and executive sides of the business in preparation for the opportunity that most never get. But that’s the motivation that pushes them harder and fuels the hunger that so many others lack. A group holding no limits, versatile with the ability to mesh with any genre, not following ‘hype’ or others, just the love and passion to make riLL music.


Ill-iteracy’s Website



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