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Apps for all your business needs!

At Liasoft, we design and develop apps to your liking.
Being present in the mobile market today is an indispensable part of society today.

We offer you an unbeatable low-cost, worry free package , from development, publication and maintenance, for your own Android and iOS app.

Our apps are customized according to your wishes. With an app, you can inform your existing customers with news, win new customers or to establish their own services as well as software solution in the mobile market.

Why Use Liasoft?

Why wouldn’t you want a cost effective solution for all your mobile app needs?


We place great importance to the user experience. Bad design is a foreign word for us.


We provide professional and fast support. Customer statisfaction is our business.


All customers receive a monthly on reviews, downloads and usage statistics.

Still not convinced?

Then be sure to check out their website for all the details and see what others had to say!