The Cove Radio

"Music The Way YOU Want It!"

About Us

The Cove Radio is an online internet radio station.

The Cove Radio offers a continuous stream of music touching on all genres and offers an exclusive 24/7 request feature allowing the listeners to direct the show in a manner that they can relate/feel most comfortable with.

The Cove Radio presents a unique spin on a rapidly growing market, internet broadcasting. This spin predominately focuses on allowing for supporters/sponsors to get due credit with plenty of information at no cost, without the limitations of only a single tiny ad usually ignored by most. In fact, we offer an entire sub page for each sponsor that chooses to work with The Cove Radio (this however does not include standard advertising banner affiliate links). That being said, we keep our listeners by not bombarding them with interruptions in their music every few minutes, as is common with plenty of other stations. We give the users the choice and freedom to explore the sponsor content that they feel is relevant to their interests and allowing for a maximized benefit for both listener and sponsor. This action while seemingly impeding on the number of potential customers in fact maximizes in the productivity by predominately having only genuinely interested clients explore what is offered by each sponsor. We also heavily endorse unsigned artists looking to make a mark on the musical environment. This is done by collecting music offered by the artist, and in turn broadcasting their music, giving due credit and adding information regarding the artist on a separate part of the site while protecting their works with our licensing and copyright. As digital content is produced for sale throughout the year by The Cove Radio each artist with positive feedback has the chance to opt in at NO charge to have some of their works added to the digital release. In turn their music is automatically registered with SOCAN not only with our name but their own name too, added to the royalties list and financially benefiting them. In return The Cove Radio would divide fair cuts to each artist for their contribution per sale while taking a very small portion for the time and effort put into creating the content market.


Founder/CEO/Head DJ/Music Producer

“DJ Spirit” comes from a long line of rare but highly regarded music teachings (6th in line directly from Franz Liszt’s teachings) and has had a real passion for music for as long as he can remember. Music is a passion and a lifestyle to him, regardless of what any other musician or musical artist says, he feels there is a place and time for every genre and style of music out there. One thing he feels many people have forgotten is; music is a language of expression, while some may not approve of a specific language or style of speech it is not for any one man to judge how another expresses their thoughts. It is the right of each and every person to embrace how they best connect with that expression.

Really that’s all there is to be said, hes a man who is who he is. He doesn’t expect everyone to embrace or love him, but he doesn’t expect someone to expect him to change to their liking either. If you want to know more about him, feel free to contact him.

DJ Spirit’s Facebook

“funny little blurb to be announced”


Head of Management/Head of Social Media

River is one of the newer additions to the management family.  So far she has been an invaluable asset, bringing her organizational skills and perfectionism to the table, she has been able to assist our CEO in making plans for the revival of the station.  She has also been able to act as a mediator between the rest of management and the CEO freeing both sides up by being able to quickly address pressing matters without a need for either side to have to adjust schedules, thus keeping productivity at an all time high.

Without River’s involvement, The Cove Radio would not be progressing as well as it currently is.  She is a fair, brilliant and a self driven part of the team who brings out the best in any person she works beside.