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Co-DJ Manager/DJ

DJ MetalWolf was born in 1991, he is the current Owner of the mythical realm known as The Realm Of Metal. As it’s owner, it is his job to bring the power of Metal back to the world and show that Heavy Metal never dies. As he once said: “You don’t just listen to Metal at 11, you blast it at 13 and show that you mean business!” Don’t let his job frighten you, though, as he is a really nice guy but tends to keep to himself mostly.

When he’s not shattering windows with the latest metal, he’s relaxing with either on his Xbox One or just binging on classic comedy on Netflix.

#Netflix&Chill anyone?


Co-DJ Manager/DJ

Just a guy who loves to rock! Music has always been a passion of mine along with writing stories. The Cove Radio has always been a favorite place of mine to relax and meet interesting people and when Spirit asked if I’d be manager for the station I was very happy to accept the offer. I love this station, our employees, and especially all of our listeners!

If you want to chat some time with Alex, please join our discord channel and you will be able to chat with him and the rest of us.


DJ/Music Producer

DJ Snowdrop is a Transgender DJ and producer who does her best to bring the latest and heaviest beats to peoples ears! Her normal sets consist of trap and hard-style however has been know to throw down nearly any genre style if in that mood. She loves to bring it hard and currently has a Mixcloud where you can hear all her recorded mixes and a Soundcloud where all her own productions are.

DJ Sonic Goto DJ Sonic's Page


Hi everyone! I am very happy to be a new DJ on here. My show is The DJ Sonic Show and it started on a FM transmitter in my city, and the frequency was 95.5 FM, and my slogan for the station was Sonic 95.5 FM. Now I call the station 'Terrestrial Sonic 95' because I still have the transmitter. It's only 1-watt, and there is just enough power to send an FM signal to the whole house. I also have labeled Sonic 95 ONLINE as 'The Positive Hedgehog Radio' since I do a weekly blog called 'The Positive Hedgehog'.

Now, I am splitting terrestrial Sonic 95 (currently broadcasting SiriusXM content) and Sonic 95 ONLINE (on air when I DJ). I am currently experiencing a 'network error' on the server, but hopefully that will be fixed very soon. I am a DJ that plays 'feel-good' music: Anywhere from EDM to drum n bass, dubstep to trance, soca and reggae, and then you have classic rock that I play at times, oldies but goodies, eras (80s mostly) and songs that was heard on different radio stations.

You can also get in touch with me through...

Telegram (always connected to it): DJ_Sonic
Skype: jasonic1977
Second Life: JaSonic Resident